Check Surveys will help you get started with developing and deploy cost-effective surveys for the web, touch screen monitors and smart-phones. We focus on fast, cost-effective, quality research fulfillment for our clients. We will program your questionnaire, manage target sample quotas, host and monitor data collection, assure data integrity, edit or code verbatim replies, and deliver raw data or tabulated results.

We make use of Snap Surveys software and this is how we work:
→ Send us your questionnaire and sample specifications
→ We program your survey and host it on our secure server
→ We send you a hyperlink to test and approve your survey
→ We collect, validate, and process the data
→ You receive the results


All survey packages include survey programming, secure online hosting, and data collection. Add-ons such as questionnaire design, coding, cross-tabulation, and reporting, are available to ensure you meet your needs and your budget. We have got 4 types of survey packages. First we program the questionnaire, host the survey and provide data (Package 1). Then we complete data set in SPSS format and deliver Cross Tabs (Package 2). Options are a collaborative questionnaire development process (like additional languages German/Dutch) (Package 3) and a PowerPoint recap of the results with advanced statistics and custom reporting (Package 4).

Responsive Deliverables

Reporting options are designed according to your needs. Our abilities to address your reporting needs are flexible, extensive, and fast. We do as much or as little of the data cleaning, coding, cross-tabbing, charting and interpreting as you prefer. We deliver the results to you in the format that best meets your needs and those of your team, from files, to basic PPT charts, to advanced graphs.

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